Blessed James Alberione

Opera Omnia


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1. The text proposed in this book is that of the first edition, edited by Fr. Girolamo Ghiglione (Alba, Pia Società Figlie di San Paolo, 1933). This text is integrally and faithfully reproduced except for some orthographic retouches in Italian (accents and the like).

2. The editorial interventions that are more notable concern the Latin passages and the biblical quotes. In particular:
- The biblical passages of the Canticles (indicated by a #), published in the Latin version of the Vulgate, have been substituted by the corresponding Italian version, taken from the Nuovissima Versione della Bibbia, ed. San Paolo (In the English translation, the New American Bible has been used).
- The individual biblical or patristic phrases, quoted in the always Latin text, have been translated in the footnotes, except when the translation is given, at least summarily, in the same text.
- The abbreviations of the biblical books, and the numbering of the same, have been adjusted to the current system of reference.

3. The footnotes, whether historical, exegetic or explanatory, belong to the editor, except those marked by an asterisk (*) present in the original edition.
- All the biblical references that in the original were differently placed, in the text or in the footnote, have been integrated in the text.

4. The marginal numbering in bold type corresponds to the page numbering of the original edition. To such numbering we refer all the thematic references and the textual quotes, whether in the indexes or in the footnotes. The change of page, when it takes place in the middle of a paragraph, is marked with the sign |.

5. The biblical, analytical-thematic and general indexes, as well as the summary, are by the editor.

6. The title of the chapters and the related current headtitle carry the theme of the day's reflection, following the index of the original edition.