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The Pious Society of Saint Paul is a religious Congregation that was founded in our times and concerns itself specifically with the publishing apostolate.

Its twofold aim
As with all religious Institutes the Pious Society of Saint Paul has a general aim and a special aim.
The general aim of said Congregation is the sanctification of its members by means of the faithful practice of the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, in common life, in conformity with Canon Law and its particular Constitutions.
The special aim is the activity of the publishing apostolate.
Its members
The Pious Society of Saint Paul is made up of religious priests and lay brothers. As with similar institutes it has Probation, Novitiate, the period of temporary vows and then the profession of perpetual vows.
The Pious Society Daughters of Saint Paul, the female branch, flanks it. This is a parallel Congregation; but since it was instituted in aid of the apostolate, it has a oneness of spirit, purpose and procedure with the Pious Society of Saint Paul. Its members are women Religious. In view of the universal aim of the Institute they see to the spread of Christian doctrine with various means, such as works of a pastoral nature, devotion to the Divine Master in the Eucharist and principally with the publishing apostolate.
Their spiritual, intellectual and technical preparation conforms with and is appropriate to their roles and duties.

The Pauline Family has also its Cooperators1 in the apostolate. These are people who, while living in the world and insofar as they are able, duplicate its religious life and apostolate. In accord with their state they thus practice the gospel values of poverty, chastity and obedience, and give an effective and necessary help to the apostolate by way of their prayers, offerings and deeds.

1 * Cf. the Appendix, pp. 357ff.