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On the following pages we reprint a remarkable document which gives an insight into the spirit that shaped the whole of Fr Alberione's work right from the beginning. It is the text of a special issue - n. 5 [15 July 1921] Year III [IV] - of the fortnightly review Unione Cooperatori Buona Stampa (cf. La Primavera Paolina, 137-150). It opens with a full-page box that sets out the Association's Statute, approved by Bishop Giuseppe Francesco Re, of Alba, on 29 September 1918.
Then comes the presentation of the "Printing School", a rough draft of the new Congregation which will, from here on, assume its real name of "Pious Society of Saint Paul". The report concludes with a prophetic discourse on the activity undertaken in the House - the Apostolate of the Press.
The whole issue was dedicated to Bishop G.F. Re who, in 1921, was celebrating the golden jubilee of his ordination to the priesthood. These are the words of dedication (on p. 6):
To His Excellency, our illustrious Bishop Re - wise judge of the needs of the times, a mind so marvelously open, so serene and yet so deep, who has granted so many benefits to the Printing School of Alba, particularly allowing two priests [Fr Alberione and Fr Giaccardo] to dedicate themselves to it completely; an expert appraiser of the mission of the press, to which he has given moral support and so much material help - to him our most fervent best wishes in this his Jubilee Year, with the promise of our humble prayers that God may grant him long life and all His divine charisms.