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What they said...
"Today people form their opinions and regulate their lives on what they read every day in the newspapers."


* * *
"If Saint Paul were alive today, he would be a journalist."

Bishop W. von KETTELER

* * *
Let us reflect on everything in the light of the last candle that will be lighted on our deathbed. Everything, even these lines, however paltry, [which] LOUIS VEUILLOT wrote in verse [for] his epitaph:
"My pen at my side you will place,
Christ, my solitary vaunt, over my heart,
This book1 under my feet. Then, dear friends,
in peace you will close this my casket."
* * *
"Today no one can escape the influence of the press."
* * *
"Why do we, why do our friends, allow the good newspaper to die? Why do so many toil for the material welfare of people and neglect this moral duty? Help the Good Press!... here is a great Apostolate, the modern Apostolate and worthy to be established as a precept of the Church, were the supreme Authority to believe it opportune."


* * *
"One of the best alms is that which goes to the Good Press."
* * *
La Civiltà Cattolica writes: "Good journalists are the warriors of truth, the champions of ideals, and the heroes of sacrifice; they are not ones to put their pen up for sale, they see it as a weapon placed in their hands by Providence to defend the great principles of Christian civilization."
Bishop Gibier narrates: "One day, introducing a journalist to the seminarians, the superior of Saint Sulpice said: 'Here is a man under whose secular clothes there beats a priestly heart'." "Yes, there is a priesthood, an Apostolate of which genuine and conscientious journalists are a part." This was the comment of a young and very holy modern writer.
* * *
"It is the duty of Catholics to support the Good Press in an effective way."


The Printing School of Alba is at present accepting young women, from age 16 to 25, who intend to enter common life and dedicate themselves to the work of the Good Press.
Cooperators of the Good Press, help this work by means of prayer, which is a human being's real strength, because God does the will of those who fear him; help this work by means of deeds, especially by seeking out good men and women who feel called; help this work if you can, by means of offerings, by asking the Printing School of Alba for the books you need printed, and so on.
You will share in the merit of those who are zealously working for the salvation of people's souls.
* * *
The Printing School of Alba accepts both those who intend to work for the Good Press as worker-printers, and those who wish to become writers.
* * *
Through an arrangement with pious persons, four Holy Masses according to the intentions of all our benefactors will be celebrated in the Printing School of Alba, for as long as it lasts.
Those who wish to take part may do so by making an offering of at least L. 10 for the Printing School of Alba.
* * *
Today we need to train men and women missionaries of the Good Press for our towns and villages, just as provision is made for missionaries and catechist Religious for pagan lands.
* * *
To make it easier for people to have a Library, there are those already pre-prepared: 25 titles at L. 50; 50 titles at L. 100; 100 titles at L. 200; and so on.
It suffices to write and state who will use the library: laborers, students, and so on, and the type of books: light reading, culture, lives of the Saints, and so on. Payment may be enclosed or paid on receipt of goods.
These Libraries are available from the Printing School of Alba.

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