Blessed James Alberione

Opera Omnia


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The following three texts, with their obvious last will and testament meaning, are a seal on these appendices and on this whole charismatic history of the Pauline Family. The first document elicits an insight into the spiritual personality of Fr Alberione. Here he repeats a thought already underscored in the opening lines of Abundantes divitiæ. The document goes back to 1960 and is to be found in Ut perfectus sit homo Dei I, 374f.

Before God and man, I feel the gravity of the mission entrusted to me by the Lord who, had he found a person more unworthy and unfit, would have preferred him. Nevertheless, for me and for everyone, this is the guarantee that the Lord has willed and has done everything himself; just like the artist who picks up a paintbrush worth a few coins and is unaware of the work to be executed, were it even a beautiful picture of the Divine Master Jesus Christ.
We are founded on the Church and on the Vicar of Jesus Christ and this conviction inspires security, joy and courage.
Spiritual TestamentHandwritten, on two sheets.
Pious Society of Saint Paul - Alba - Rome

Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord,

6 August, 1967 - Rome.

Dear Members of the Pauline Family, in our temporary leave-taking of one another: in trust: to be all reunited in eternity.
I thank all of you, women and men, for your patience with me; I ask pardon for what was not done, or done badly.
Yet I am sure that the direction taken, in general, has been substantially in conformity with God and the Church.
Jesus Christ, Divine Master, Way and Truth and Life as [a way of] life and devotion [is] of infinite value; may he enlighten the whole of religious perfection and the apostolate.
In accordance with my heroic act for the deceased and the many liturgical Masses for the priestly Congregations (before 1914) of S. Filippo, of S. Francesco Sal. and of Castagnole (upper parish) that I have always fulfilled: I expect Masses in suffrage for me, as my right. – I have fulfilled everything for all the Members.
[From] the Members, the Sisters and the Cooperators and friends I have served: I expect suffrages and Holy Masses, as an obligation or out of charity.
Always follow Saint Paul Ap., teacher and father; always follow, love and preach on Mary, our Mother, Teacher and Queen of Apostles.
Benedicat omnipotens Deus, Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus = omnes.
Rome, 19 March 1968 - renewed.


With the Lord’s blessing…
A few months before the celebration of the Special Chapter of the Society of Saint Paul (1969), during which Fr Alberione was declared Superior General emeritus, he drafted a wide-ranging report on the Pauline Family for San Paolo (Sept-Nov. 1968). The Foreword is in his own writing, which begins with the words quoted in the title, as is the conclusion, reproduced here (cf. CISP 245).
My conclusion: with God’s grace, I have overseen the role of the Apostolate from 1914 to 1968. Now I am 84 years of age; my life comes to a close in time and moves on to eternity; at all times I repeat my faith and my hope in God and my love for Him and for souls.
Until all of us meet together again in eternal bliss.