Blessed James Alberione

Opera Omnia


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The following text, dated 11 June 1954, was published in Mi protendo in avanti (p. 483). The text is to be found in both the original handwritten draft and the typewritten one. The latter, which contains some corrections and additions made by Fr Alberione, is the one we reproduce here.


The Cooperators are thought of as persons who understand the Pauline Family and are united in spirit and purpose with it. They embrace its two main aims, in the way possible to them, and make their contribution in the way possible to them. For its part, the Pauline Family desires to promote their Christian education, to guide them to live an exemplary life, and to make them sharers in the goods of the Congregation and in the merits of the apostolate.
A true friendship exists which lies in the exchange of goods.
The Cooperators want to imitate the Pauline religious life: [in] poverty, with its detachment from this world’s goods in the gospel sense; [in] chastity, by observing purity in their moral behavior, according to their state; [in] obedience, by dependence on their superiors: whether ecclesiastic, civil, or household; [in] the preaching of Christian doctrine by distributing publications and fostering the most rapid and farreaching means that the Society of Saint Paul uses, and [by] cooperating with it through their prayers, deeds and offerings.
The Pauline Family confides in them [apropos] its projects, sets out its policy for the works to be carried out, makes them sharers in its sufferings and joys, and points out the means of sanctification by means of the periodical Il Cooperatore Paolino. Moreover, the Pauline Family prays for the Cooperators and celebrates and applies 2400 Masses for them every year, whether they are alive or deceased.
The Pauline Family aspires to live the two precepts of charity in a perfect way in the religious life and in the apostolate; whereas the Cooperators strive to live the same two precepts through an everbetter Christian life and by helping in the apostolate. All together we have a union of persons who aim and help one another to promote the glory of God and good will among humans, in accordance with the example of Saint Paul.