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1. A GOOD PRESS COOPERATORS' UNION has been established in Alba under the protection of Saint Paul.
2. Its purpose is to foster the GOOD PRESS.
3. Means: a) Prayers, b) Offerings, c) Works (writing, distributing the Good Press, combating the bad).
4. The Union has its own leaflet called: "GOOD PRESS COOPERATORS' UNION."
5. The Union has its headquarters in the Printing School of Alba.
6. The Patron's feast day is celebrated on the Sunday following 29 June.

1. The Union accepts as members both Individuals as well as Associations (Country Banks, Clubs, Parishes...).
2. When registering please state what means you intend to use to cooperate in the work of the Good Press.
3. On the patron's feast day all members are to receive Communion. In parishes it would be helpful to promote a general Communion, as well as a sermon or talk on the Good Press. If Pastors deem it helpful the feast could be set down for December so as to foster many more subscriptions to the Catholic press.
4. On the first Monday of the month a liturgical service is to be held for all the members in the Printing School Chapel.
5. Special prayers are to be said for deceased members.
6. Where circumstances are favorable, conferences, gatherings and meetings are to be arranged, publications helped, subscriptions made, people's libraries established, and so on.
7. Members are to receive a holy card of Saint Paul on which is the prayer to be recited often for the Good Press.

Aware of the urgency to foster the Good Press, we approve the proposed Union. Our hope is that it will find many supporters in the Diocese.
Alba, 29 September 1918.